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UKBAR FILMES joins good stories to the best creative. Has held dynamic directors, curious and plastically advanced, writers and screenwriters who bet heavily on narrative films to revitalize the Portuguese market and projecting aggressively into the international market. Modular teams, short shooting periods, high creative costs and low structural costs with the best solid partnerships with national and international distributors, which will contribute to the fast entrance of UKBAR FILMS in the market.

UKBAR FILMES does not pretend a revolution. Directing and scriptwritting complements each other. There is no cinema revolution underway! Cinema is a product, an entertainment tool but also art in motion, with consequences on discourse, practices of use and consumption. If the formats are dependent of innovation, the contents are dependent of the social sphere and of market requirements in constant mutation. Thus, the only solution is to make audiovisual and cinema products with a quality level able to support the time and changing formats - a format results from agents technology activity, a content supply needs!

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