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Coming from a varied and global background, Ulrik has increasingly found his life and passions revolving around design. Having taken a somewhat untraditional path, Ulrik graduated with a BsC in Communication and Business Strategy from Copenhagen Business School, choosing afterwards to pursue a more culturally orientated path by enrolling for an MA in Visual Culture at Copenhagen University.

While pursuing his academic career, Ulrik succeeded in landed an internship with well renowned Danish strategic/graphic design agency, e-Types. This internship grew into a full time position where he worked extensively developing brand strategy and corporate identities for numerous clients, spanning everything from fashion, culture, the public sector and private industries.

Eager to explore and learn, Ulrik also spent time working with the London based design/art studio Troika getting a further feel for the possibilities ingrained in fusing his diverse background with the field of interaction and digital design.

Putting off his final thesis to study at CIID, Ulrik hopes to gain more hands-on experience in order to allow his knowledge of academia, art and business insights to come into more tangible play. Currently Ulrik is fascinated with (in no particular order) light, random gadgets, critical design, immersion and play ¬– hoping to combine everything in one über-gadget to rule the world.

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