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A wise fan knows to expect the unexpected once U-Melt hits the stage. Grabbing the crowd with undeniably infectious grooves, they reach new levels when Salzer’s mind-bending guitar work and Lasher’s entrancing keyboards are given room to roam. Their improvisational work is made possible Bendy’s innovative bass work and Miller’s brilliant drumming, which opens doors for Lasher and Salzer to treat the audience to heavy doses of their creative, free-flowing interplay.

Disciplined without lapsing into rigidity, U-Melt displays a finesse not typically found in a band that plays so freely and is as flat-out fun to experience. U-Melt’s music will enter your brain, please your psyche at its deepest emotional level and speak to the part of your existential soul that responds to music performed at its apex of perfection.

U-Melt finished their upcoming third studio release. Splitting time between the road and their recording studio in Brooklyn, New York, the album Perfect World is a must have. After a lineup change and year long tour, U-Melt decided to disband, unfortunately. They live on through these videos so enjoy.

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