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Umut Aral was born in 1976, in Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Lycée de Galatasaray, he completed BA at Bosphorus University and MFA degree in Cinema & TV in Marmara University. During his university years he joined Bosphorus University Actors (BUO) and acted in leading roles, worked as director and playwright in many plays. During this period, he put 2 plays and a musical on stage at Galatasaray High School.

In 1999 he directed his first short film called "otuzdört / thirtyfour". The film has won many awards in national film festivals and screened in international film festivals.

In 2005 he directed his second short film "ÇARPIŞMA / CRASH" with the association of Atlantik Film and the Turkish Ministry of Culture’s Cinema Department. "Crash" also has won over ten national and international awards and has been screened in major international film festivals like Locarno International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival and International Short Film Festival in Drama.

He also shot over 200 TV commercials from both national and international brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Vodafone, etc…

In 2008 he wrote the script ‘Rhapsody in Pera’ adapted from the acclaimed Turkish writer Ahmet Umit’s book, which was granted the development loan of the Turkish Ministry of Culture’s Department of Cinema.
Umut Aral is now working on his new script...

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