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Unai Valis was born in Mexico City where he completed his degrees in Theater and Sound Design. After finishing an MFA in Film Production at Concordia University, Montreal, Unai became interested in non-linear narrative, experimental and expanded film, as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. His portfolio includes work in Theatre, Film, Video, Photography, Installation and Sound Design. His film work covers a wide range of genres from experimental, documentary, music video and fiction short-film, as well as video installation work. He has been involved in creating responsive video installation work and developing holographic and 3D mapping projections in Phantomaton (Nuit Blanche, Montreal 2013), Conscientia (Havana, 2012) and In’Lakesh (Parisian Laundry, 2010). Before joining MatraLab-Hexagram as resident videographer (2011-2013), he worked at Schema Hypercinema Lab-Hexagram, researching on interactive and responsive cinematic narratives and techniques.


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