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~Un-Cut~ native of Atlanta Georgia is a Blazing Femcee who has been on the grind chasing the dynamic world of words and how they relate with sound ultimately through sentence, metaphor, poem and phrase. Un-Cut born LaKinje McKenzie has been creating music noise since the age of 12 when her love for writing and story telling combined, led her to attend and acquire knowledgeable information and skills from various record labels, artist workshops and seminars(SoSoDef). ~Un-Cut~ present day is totally "Girl Powered" and undoubtedly sets performance stages on Fire with Southern lyrics that she describes as "inflamed with acid" that are divergent & original yet relatable and may quickly take a turn- to- burn if need be. You may not want to say it -Don't Worry- She'll say it for you. *The Name Explains Itself* Welcome to the World of...... Un~Cut

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