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I'm an independent Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor/Writer/Entrepreneur and Photo neophyte.

So the story goes, In 2003 with not much more than a camera and a computer I gave up a pretty comfortable living in the "real world" and made the conscious decision to never ever go back. I had done a few shows on access in the past and had fallen in love with the entire process but, at that time, doing production from anything but a studio or a post house was all but impossible and beyond the reach of anyone without deep pockets. The show eventually came to an end but apparently the bug never left.

Fast forward a number of years to one random afternoon while flipping channels I stumbled on “Evil Dead”. I’d seen it before but for some reason on that day in that moment while watching this low budget cult classic indie I thought “I wanna make a movie”. Off to the internet I went trying to decipher just what it would take. I read somewhere that Steven Soderbergh, who I mostly knew from “Traffic”, was working on a film called “Full Frontal” and shooting much of it with a Canon XL1. Figuring if it was good enough for him it was good enough for me and a week later one I had bought from a wedding videographer in Hawaii through eBay for $1,875.00 arrived on my doorstep. That was April 2002, it was less than a year later that I made the leap to full time video production.

Funny thing is I honestly didn't even know what I was doing but for the first time ever I truly felt that I had found my “calling” (as corny as that may sound and as dumb as it feels to say). All I knew was that I was passionate and the impact was profound. I was entirely self taught and more or less just bumbling around shooting stuff, throwing it together in an edit, and generally speaking people seemed to like it. I had no connections, no leads, was broke as a monkey and all but pretty much screwed. Despite this, somehow through the course of years I've seem to have made a bit of a name for myself and with some luck garnered 5 awards for various music videos I directed/edited/and produced, later winning two more for my feature length film "For Love & Stacie".



Camera : Sony Ex1
Adapter : Letus35 Extreme
Tripod : Sactler FSB 6 Head with Carbon Fiber Legs
Jib: GlideCam
Dolly : Aria
indiSliderpro : indifocus.com/products_indisliderpro.htm
Rails : indiRAILSproXV indifocus.com/products_indirailspro.htm
Basic Lighting : Lowell Light Kit
Camera Light : Litepanels
Edit : Sony Vegas - sonycreativesoftware.com/vegaspro
Noise Reduction : iZotope RX - izotope.com/
Audio EX : iZotope Ozone 3
Additional CC : Magic Bullet

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