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Under His Wings Media, Ministering The Word of God, Through Music, Film & Print

Ronald Marshall's twenty plus years of Musician-ship assisted him in his growth. Over the last fourteen years he has been honing his skills as a singer, songwriter and producer. In 2004 he started his own record company and began to make a difference in musician's lives.

He hears the song from a “Musician's Perspective”, resulting in a warm and honest sound.

Ronald gives a unique level of commitment and service to his clients. His clients feel like family and they forge a lasting relationship that gives birth to success.

Areas of Expertise:
Music Production
Music Arranging
Vocal Arranging
Audio Engineering
Artist Development
Live percussion performance

Married to Audra Marshall

Have you considered…
❖ How you will record your next project?
❖ How you would feel if you and your produce didn’t have a great working relationship?
❖ What your long and short-term goals are in the music industry?
❖ How you plan to coordinate the recording process?

Trust your project’s future to a musical leader. Let our team help you to write and produce your next project and experience something special.

A Comprehensive musical team results in:
√ A clearer vision and roadmap for your musical future
√ Financial gains derived from your music
√ A proactive approach to the achievement of success in the music industry
√ A multi-dimensional plan tailored for projects success
√ A wealth of new ideas base on your talents and the talents of others who surround you
√ A working relationship with a coordinated team of music professionals dedicated to your success
√ A team of key people and advisors who are aware and involved

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