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Joe Presser is an editor, animator, producer, writer, & director for brands, bands, websites, and news outlets alike featured on CNN, ABC News, Gizmodo, Pitchfork, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hulu, Laughingsquid, Lauren Spends Money, and in Times Square on the ABC supersign.

His research, documentary, and design work has led to clients ranging from hip-hop artists to Klezmer musicians, from socially conscious celebrity mothers to rabble-rousing cocktail connoisseurs, and from fresh-faced startups to international non-profits.

Worldwide, his short films and animations have been recognized in Japan, India, Canada, Australia and the UK on websites such as Shortlist, Gizmodo Australia, and Mummy Daddy.

If you need any animation, design, or editing work done or just want to say hi, please do!


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