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With over 23 years experience as a professional photographer, Dan's career spans a variety of genres and specialties. His professional photographic qualifications and on-going experimental photography work is complemented by his additional skills as a highly proficient and experienced deep-sea technical diver, freediver and Paramotor pilot. This combination of skills has given Dan access to some of the most exciting and unusual photographic shoots ever seen.

His work includes some early pioneering technical wreck dives, such as the recovery of US$50 million work of silver from the El Cazador at a depth of 300ft, and salvaging valuable artifacts from the thousand year old Intan Wreck in Indonesia.
In the mid 90's he was part of the first (NOAA) tri-mix dive expedition to the USS Monitor.
In 1997 he was invited to join an international team to photographer and film the HMHS Britannic - sister ship to the Titanic - resting at 380ft (120m) in the Aegean Sea.
Over the last decade, he has been involved in the sport of freediving, and has worked with the top ranking athletes around the world, and has covered many freediving world records. He has worked with Tanya Streeter, Herbert Nitsch, Sara Campbell, Carlos Coste, Martin Stepanik, Fred Buyle and many more.

His photographs have been published in hundreds of books and magazines worldwide, with featured work in National Geographic, Scientific American, WIRED, BBC Wildlife, GQ, FHM, Mens Health, Titanic Society, Tauchen, AQUA, Illustreret Videnskab, Pour La Science, Geographical Magazine, Mercedes Magazine etc. He has also been involved in a variety of film work, and has worked for the National Geographic Channel,BBC,Save Our Sea Foundation,Discovery Channel and Channel 4's Wreck Detectives 2 and Trans World Sport, etc.

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