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Hearts of Men film | Summer 2015



  1. Flying Treasure
  2. Tony Anderson
  3. Crossway
  4. Mason Jar Music
  5. Gentleman Scholar
  6. Blood Brother
  7. John X. Carey
  8. Crawford Ifland
  9. Chris Fenner
  10. Hillsong Film & Television
  11. NOMAD Film and TV
  12. Marty Mellway
  13. Ryan Scott
  14. Variable
  15. Eliot Rausch
  16. Keith Kenniff | Helios, Goldmund
  17. Southland Christian Church
  18. RVCA

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  1. Tim Herndon commented on Let's Do This
    Jason, alot has happened since you prayed with me last year over the phone. I'm excited to see how God uses this project as a catalyst for a movement worldwide in the Church and beyond :)