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Scientist/ filmmaker Douglas Harned has been making films ever since he could pick up a Super-8 Camera.
He has made films with family and friends, U.S. Geological Survey colleagues, and students.

The UnFilm Manifesto:

Filmmaking is a science. It is observation, data collection, analysis, experimentation, structure, and presentation. Film is not shadow but light with a full aesthetic spectrum.

Observation— What we know is gained from observation of the world around us. Film allows us to focus this observation, to pick apart details, to understand nuance, to direct seeing. Filmmaking is a tool for learning about the world.

Data Collection- To study what we observe we must see what it is now, and how it is changing. This element of filmmaking is collecting images, documenting events, and gathering information.

Analysis - To understand the filmed data we have collected we must understand connections, correlations, and cause and effect. We ask questions.

Experimentation—Film allows us to experiment with different scenarios, to test our observations, and to make models.

Structure—What we find, or what we want to present must sorted into a structured film using the tools of writing and editing.

Presentation—The final film is the result what we observe, what observations we collect, what we learn from those observations, how we test what we have learned, and how we organize and show what we find.

Aesthetically, we can emphasize any of these principal elements in making a film. A film is a projection of a mind.

Douglas Harned

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