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"Changing lives through learning"

Unionlearn is the learning and skills organisation of the TUC. We help unions deliver learning to their members. It helps unions deliver learning to their members and it runs the £15 million Union Learning Fund.

Over the past 12 years, more than 26,000 union learning reps have been trained and 740,000 people have been given training and learning opportunities via their union.

Union learning is growing fast; almost every union is now involved in union learning, supported by unionlearn, every year helping hundreds of thousands of learners at all levels, from basic numeracy and literacy to degree qualifications.

In a recent survey of 400 employers, with a total of 6m employees, 87% said that they wanted to continue to support union learning, with two- thirds saying that it benefited the organisation and 81% saying it benefited the individual. Every major political party has voiced strong support for unionlearn.

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