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Union Tanguera was borne from Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno’s commitment and willpower to document, teach, and bring to the stage profoundly real Argentinean tango. Originally from Argentina, Codega and Moreno have worked together since 1990, where their first steps were created together in the Villa Urquiza neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Codega trained in ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, and composition (with the renowned Argentinean choreographer Ana Maria Stekelman.) She performed as a contemporary dancer in various theaters, finding tango in 1990.

Moreno graduated from the National College of Technical Education with a degree in electronics and began a career graphic design. Moreno discovered tango in 1988 through courses at the Centro Cultural Gral San Martín, and at Centro Cultural F. Lacamera. His immersion in tango led to work with “Ballet Ciclos,” where he met Codega. Since representing Argentina in the Universal Exposition of Seville where they worked with renowned Argentinean choreographer Oscar Araiz (1992), Codega/Moreno have been invited to the most important tango festivals around the world.

Prior to found their Union Tanguera dance company they have created “Con este tango” (1995) and “Locura Tanguera” (1996) and turn in Holland with Tango Tango and El arte del tango with the Het National Ballet and the opera Maria de Buenos Aires and perform in Edinburg Festival with Destino tango.

Codega/Moreno are part of a generation that has been credited with recovering tango as a social dance. They have been integral in creating the conditions for its current popularity. Students of the greatest tango Maestros of the 80's and 90’s such as; Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Roberto Grassi, Alberto Villarraso, and Lampazo Vazquez, with whom they share a common love for this type of traditional tango.
Codega/Moreno have created a style which serves as a reference for the new generation of tango dancers and teachers. Their dance is grave, intense and dynamic; a synthesis of styles reinterpreted, in which fantasy and imagination are joined, inside the logic of improvised tango. Claudia and Esteban continue their formative, artistic and pedagogical work of tango teaching, in workshops and shows and through a learning method in a DVD format.


Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno Spaggiari (Co-Artistic Directors; Choreographer, Dancers)

Unión Tanguera, founded in 2002, is contemporary tango company based Buenos Aires, Argentina and in Lyon, France. This argentinean-french company’s works are created and directed by Co-Artistic Directors, Claudia Codega and Esteban Moreno and utilise the music and dance of traditional tango as the foundation for their creative process. With deep respect to tradition and legacy, Union Tanguera seeks to reformulate the theatrical expression of tango by incorporating elements of contemporary dance while respecting the purity of the traditional social dance that is tango.
Unión Tanguera is a non-profit organisation that, since 2002, has brought together artists, producers and cultural institutions to contribute to all aspects of tango culture development, promotion and preservation, considering tango as an art form in Buenos Aires and the world.
UT believes tango is a popular and collective creation. It is the art of combining music, dance and poetry, in a unique and deep way; and it best represents the multiplicity of our roots and identity and inheritance. UT believes it is the most important cultural contribution Argentina has made to the world and our mission is to open situations and create conditions for its development, bringing it to a worldwide culture of artistic excellence creation, professional and amateur practice, cultural inclusion, and personal development. UT is engaged in recovering tradition, knowledge and experiences from popular practices and inheritance, to sharing it with next generations; we consider tango a continuous non-stop developing form.
We produce performances, programs for learning and discovering, we form and coach professionals and new professionals, we collaborate with cultural institutions.
Prior to Nuit Blanche, Union Tanguera created and toured Efecto Tango (2005), Tango Vivo (2006), and Buenos Aires hora 0 (2008). Union Tanguera has been supported by Tango de Soie, a school and home for tango in Lyon, since 2006 and has formed many important partnerships with various funding institutions in France, including La Maison de la Danse de Lyon (Union Tanguera’s performances Nuit Blanche, Efecto Tango and Tango Vivo were co-produced with Lyon’s Maison de la Danse).
Since the beginning in all creative process Union Tanguera works with artists Gonzalo Cordova in stage design and lighting and photographer Guillermo Monteleone.
Union Tanguera is supported by Ville de Lyon / Lyon City and collaborates permanently with Tango De Soie and TangoVia Buenos Aires.

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