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Unit4media Creates Internet Media with quality cameras and sound equipment. We use dolleys, jib cranes, sliders, helicopters, multiple shooters and creativity to capture. We edit each project individually with an artistic approach. Our passion is to manifest our clients vision and intention while surpassing their expectations. The hardest people to please are ourselves. There is no formula other than capture more than you need in the highest quality and be creative. We film whitewater to weddings and everything in between. We are musicians, ceramic artists, teachers, kayakers, dancers, parents, travelers, foodies, cooks, gardeners, community members, craftsmen, and electronic media miners. We strive to make our craft better so your business, event or moment lasts as long as the media or internet will allow. Get in touch and let us put U in it.

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  • Pittsburgh Weddings - Gallery of Wedding Day Documentaries filmed in Pittsburgh
  • Whitewater - Gallery of Whitewater Clients or interests.
  • Ceramic Videos - Ceramic Videos for our clients, friends and travels in China
  • Music Videos - We have two members of Unit4media that play instruments and we're working on a third. Music is a passion and creating music videos is part of our interests. These are a collection of music videos we've made for our clients.
  • Food Videos - Food is important to us and so are the clients that we showcase their abilites with food.


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