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Jacqueline Ditt

Born 2. 4. 1960 in Munich (Germany)
She studied eight terms graphics, design and reprography at the Blocherer school Munich, did various work in advertising graphics and parallel painting and art print. The expressive painting became main part of her work. Since 1991 she is married to Mario Strack, composer and lyricist.
Her style is known as "Intro Expressionism - the art of soulful expression in temporary context". Since 1996 she uses computers and in 2000 she began, parallel to her taditional painting, creating expressiv computergraphics using an electronic pencil on colourful backgrounds.

Mario Strack

Born 4. 23. 1956 in Graz (Austria)
Autodidact since he left school in the early 70s, he became a member in several rockbands and toured with them playing the keyboards.
During the 80s he did lots of work as a composer and music producer for small indie-labels and major companies with his own Band "Luna Set" as well as with various other artists.
With the beginning of the 90s he decided to go back to perfect independence.
Together with his wife he founded "universal arts". This means, they are running their own gallery and a production-studio.
Expanding to visual arts, Mario Strack started creating audiovisual clips with the electronic media. His style is known as "Illustrated Music" - a combination of "lyrical electro rock" - songs and moving pictures - that expands the artwork to a multisensual experience.

Today both live and work as free artists in Munich (Germany).

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