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Geneva, Switzerland

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Multimedia and eLearning specialist at the University of Geneva, Peace activist and volunteer in different associations / NGOs such as: Universal Peace Federation (UPF.org), the Geneva Interfaith Intercultural Alliance (GIIA.ch)

Cameraman and sometimes MC at international events, in Europe, Israel, USA, South Korea and China, with the absolute conviction that humankind share the same origin: we are one family under the same loving Heavenly Parent who gave us life. Give Him the name you want, but as long has He exists !

Ma passions are: photography, filming interviews and conferences, playing piano, creating websites, a large sense of humour and being a Family man !

And finally I work all this with Apple computers... personally owning a Macintosh since its inception in 1984!
I am of course a really big fan of Vimeo, the only web platform to share high-quality movie of unlimited length !
Open an account on Vimeo and add me as your contact, you will have access to many conferences and events that I filmed. I recently launched a livestream channel to broadcast live events.

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