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Hand Painted Impertinent Tees.

We combine cartoonish obsessions with brightly painted dark thoughts. Universal Poison is a (sometimes) colourful journey through the twisted roads of our minds. Result: wearable art for the impertinent.

Warning: Wearing Universal Poison may result in massive head turns, strangers trying to befriend you and evil looks from old ladies and security guards.

Each Tee is a unique piece, hand painted with original artwork by Ana Pla (who also sews the labels by hand and writes in third person). All shirts are painted with water based fabric paints and markers and heat set to keep the paint nice and bright. Make sure to follow the washing instructions to keep your shirt in tip top shape.

Universal Poison is made with love for the generation of the weird, for the shocker & the rocker, for the bold and the beautiful and most of all for the impertinent.

Who's behind the Poison:

The perpetrators of this madness are the artist duo, Ana Pla and E.M. Waty who recently returned to Berlin, their dream city, to start this label.

We enjoy hearing from you and seeing how you wear and style Universal Poison, so feel free to join our Facebook page and share the Poison.

Ana & Waty

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