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Unlimited Minds was founded in September 2011,

by Alexander "Don Paw aka The Verbal Terrorist" Westergård & Michael "Escape Artist aka LilSoulKid" Nordlund.
The idea behind the group was to be independent to 100% and to be free from the feeling that something is missing.

Ever since the day they started in September 2011 they've been working constantly day in and day out to make something out of the group.

The "formula" they use to keep the snowball (that is Unlimited Minds) rolling is to do everthing themselves since they had to learn the hard way that you cannot always rely on others.

So basicly they do everthing themselves includnig - Producing, Engineering, Song writing, Promotion and Management etc.

In 2010 they went from not knowing eachother to become bestfriends thanks to a common friend known as Dj-Yosh.

As a Rapper you always need beats to be able to spread your words, knowledge and messages.

Verbal was in a constant search for beats that could provide him with the vibe he needed for his lyrics but found none, and Dj-Yosh knew this and happened to have a friend who made beats so he introduced LsK to Verbal.

Immediately LsK knew that this was someone he'd like to work with in future and he'd been searching for a rapper like Verbal, because when you're a Hiphop-Producer you are constantly in need of a real lyricist.

After meeting and talking about music and how they want to appear and how they want to face the public, they immediatley knew that they were on the same wave length and decided that a Solo Career for either of them was no longer needed.

Now they had a driving force to break through the industry and make room for a new type of Rap-Group that could not be held back by any type of obsticle since they do everything themselves!.

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