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Unlit is a night started twelve years ago by London singer-songwriter Jont, and which is a free event that takes place in people's homes.

"I wanted to create something that would be the best possible event I could imagine going to... a gig which was a party, a party which was a gig, but tailored around the audience not the performers. Instead of some endless jam (which can be good too but just wasn't what I wanted) the live music at Unlit lasts about an hour, is normally without any amplification, and is performed by a bill of three or four acts (mostly musicians but we've had almost everything you can think of) chosen by me and the host.

It is free to get in and I try to make sure that the person who's home it is is treated like a hero for the night. Cos they are a hero! They are taking the leap of faith to open up their house often to a lot of people they don't know, trusting that if you do something with a good heart and welcome strangers with gifts there is little to be lost and a lot to be gained. In this environment, where nobody quite knows who is who or why they are there, I've seen some incredible performances, often by people who in another context I probably wouldn't have picked up on.

Something about the intimacy of Unlit really brings out something beautiful in every performance. People bring a bottle, sometimes food and by the end of the night - the space enlivened by the hour of performance - it's normally a pretty amazing vibe. Some Unlits are big - about 100 or so - with djs and impromptu music sets continuing 'til dawn, while others are in little flats that can only fit 30 people at the most and are all about the live set of music (some of these have been the very best)."

Unlit is fast becoming a grass-roots phenomenon, and each Unlit is made into a webisode by filmmaker Dave Depares. Stay tuned for more...

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