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Founded in Paris in 2007, the Unmapped collective stands at a crossroads of different musical trends and traditions : contemporary, electroacoustic, experimental underground, techno, jazz, classic, traditional musics,...

Unmapped starts from performance and improvization as a privileged material, and from a close interaction between instrumental playing, electroacoustic playing and transformations of one by the other. It was always imagined as a laboratory aiming to explore new forms of writing, expressivity and modernity, giving a very particular attention to the most advanced technology.

Ensemble of variable geometry, Unmapped is composed today by a dozen of permanent members, equally composers and instrumentalists, completed by many collaborators, musicians and artists (architects, video-artists, film and theater directors, dancers and choreographers, visual artists and plasticians,...), every of them from all over the world.

Since 5 years now, Unmapped attended concerts, festivals, performances, interactive installations and other events implying music or digital arts, in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Réunion, China and U.S.A

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