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Updoc films converge on one central idea of justling the corporate-laden media. In a complacent world where commercial financial backing is the make or break crux of film making, Updoc films functions outside the realm of paid product placement and corporate sponsorship. We remain with the artist's intention, as opposed to what backers would have us sell to our audiences.

We aren't against outside entities contributing financially to a project in whose success they inherently believe. We don't even frown upon giving such backers an appropriate nod in appreciation for their support. What we do believe in is being honest about the relationship that exists between art and corporate backing. We believe in making films with scripts unchanged for the sake of monetary gain through merchandising and product placement. The relationship between film making and product advertisements has clearly been exploited to the point that the one does not exist without the other.

At Updoc, we devote time, energy and creative juices to making films that have nothing to do with corporate sponsorships, but while the whoring trend runs rampant, make no mistake about it, we are all bed partners.

You will find plenty of reference to products and corporations throughout many of our films. They are included to illustrate what's behind corporate backing, that the majority of the film industry would prefer you didn't know.

The difference between Updoc Films and ninety nine percent of the film-making industry is that we refuse to allow product placement to infiltrate our work. We are not a cog in the wheel. We do not hide behind the notion that these expensive and carefully placed advertisements are a natural part of life and should be included on an average of every three minutes for your viewing pleasure. We won't do that to you. We're different; the kind of different that won't leave you groping for your soul in twenty years. We like sleeping at night.