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  1. Animation

    by Aziz Kocanaogullari joined

    74.1K Videos / 22.9K Members

  2. Motionographer

    by Matt Daniels joined

    29.8K Videos / 7,693 Members

    Share your motion graphics. Thanks. Enjoy.

  3. Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX

    by Zblur joined

    4,263 Videos / 2,874 Members

    Share your maximum photorealistic CG stuff here, or just join & watch! You can post finished works, making-ofs, showreels, tests etc. Do not add videos that have no common with photorealism!…

  4. Film Titles / Opening Sequences

    by Jack Morley joined

    329 Videos / 328 Members

    FOR FILM OPENING TITLE SEQUENCES ONLY. NO BUMPERS , LOGO INTROS, REELS or SELF PROMOS. Opening titles are so important for many reasons. They can tell the audience a little about the narrative of…

  5. Editor Freaks

    by Sse Productions joined

    236 Videos / 283 Members

    This group is for all people who love EDITING, EXPERIMENTAL editing and COLOUR GRADING. We prefer projects that have mix of those three ingredients, but it is possible that we allow your work even…


    by john birdsong joined

    31.9K Videos / 5,357 Members

    The group was created as a place to add whatever the fuck you want. Please add whatever fucking videos you want.

  7. event titles & trailers

    by marc thiele joined

    76 Videos / 16 Members

    There are so many events taking place around the world and they mostly have awesome titles or trailers. Often done for free. This is a collection of videos I found.

  8. RealWorld,RealLife

    by Pata Soringer joined

    469 Videos / 105 Members

  9. Show Reels

    by Henry Tseng joined

    3,312 Videos / 2,408 Members

    This is a collection of various agencies and production teams' show reels. Enjoy.

  10. Motion Graphic Artists

    by Danny Garcia joined

    82.5K Videos / 29K Members

    A place for all the creative people that create today's motion graphics for film, television, web, and everywhere in between! Don't forget to post (or link) your best work here. Especially…

  11. Motion Graphics Group

    by Varela joined

    48.1K Videos / 12.9K Members

    Discussions, samples, tips, links, news, & pics of motiongraphics Enjoy

  12. Inspirational

    by François Mathey joined

    90.5K Videos / 21.8K Members

    Creative and short visual entertainment. Web: http://1nspirational.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1nspirational Channel: http://vimeo.com/channels/1nspirational PLEASE DON'T…

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