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We design, implement, and advocate for innovative ecological infrastructure and biological systems solutions to the negative environmental health effects of industrial pollution within and for urban communities.

We design ecological solutions to the air, soil, and water contamination from industrial pollution utilizing constructed ecosystem services and creating new resources through closed loop systems. Our infrastructural solutions fund, design, and construct urban greenspaces as critical urban infrastructure. These spaces and projects provide quantifiable ecosystem services as well as heat mitigation and climate change preparedness.

We first identify pollution sources, and underutilized resources such as wastewater or blighted land. We simultaneously run innovative and effective community, agency, local business, academy and municipality organizing campaigns employing creative media strategies, community outreach and empowerment, design and planning, and research and advocacy. We focus on transforming the pollutants and wastes that our cities and communities generate into products and services that can both create jobs and provide a funding mechanism for our urban greenspaces and resource areas.

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