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We create contemporary jewelry inspired by the urban environment and crafted with natural precious elements.

We draw upon everyday, but often overlooked, details from the environment around us and reinterpret the shapes with boulder opal and silver into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Classified in the same category as diamonds, boulder opal – which makes up only a tiny fraction of the opal mined – contains every color of the rainbow. No two stones are ever the same, so all of our pieces are one of a kind.

From New York City, where we live, and whose urban landscape inspires us in all our designs, to the outback of Queensland, Australia, where we buy our opal directly from independent miners, our jewelry is the precious product of an exciting journey.

An important element to the pieces is our involvement from the moment it is discovered in the ground (after being a secret for millions of years) to the moment you wear it. We know those who worked with our designs to mine, mould, cut and set each and every stone by hand.


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