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1543 Mission St. @ S. Van Ness

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The mission of URBAN FLOW is to provide Bhakti Flow yoga to San Francisco and beyond, to create global community awareness, to serve the under-served, and to establish a model that can be used in communities around the world. This is the heart-child of Rusty Wells (Gopa) and has been developed through the generous support of friends, colleagues and students.

Our goal doesn't stop short of simply bringing you a healthier body and peace of mind. These are just byproducts of the practice. The aim of this practice is about experiencing real connection and enlightenment (oneness), which we refer to as Samadhi. The gifts of this mystical journey just so happen to include a radiant body and a joyful existence. This practice is also about finding devotion in our lives, a devotion defined only by each person's own unique understanding. We simply hold the space for creative self-expression to emerge.

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