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Urban Industry Special Works is the video channel for the Urban Industry Store, urbanindustry.co.uk.

A premium street wear store in the UK, Urban Industry stocks brands like :
Stussy, Adidas Originals, The Hundreds, Nike, OBEY, Carhartt, Mishka, Vans, DC Shoes, 10 DEEP, Altamont, Diamond Supply co., Edwin jeans, Pointer shoes, Levis, MHI, Penfield, Rebel8, Rogue Status, Supra, Volcom and more.

Our Special Works Vimeo Channel features behind the scenes interviews with the people who work in the Street Wear industry, from the graphic artists who produce the clothes and shoes you wear to the distributors and reps that work hard to get the product into your favourite stores. We hope to bring interesting stories from the people who know, love and work hard for the brands you love.
If you have anything to add into the mix drop us an email, we'd love to include your input.

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