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"Uriah Arellano is a terror on defense and proved he can score..." George Morse- Rio Grande Sun sports staff writer 12/15

"Uriah's defense is at a whole other level." Coach Nestor Trujillo -Los Alamos

Uriah is lockdown defender, his prowess on defense leads to many scoring opportunities for his teammates, if he can pick your pocket he will steal your game, when trailing he can easily become a coaches lethal weapon to turn the game around, and kill an opponents momentum when they are making a run, as he has proven in Espanola and on the road. He is known to outwit his opponent, can break up passing lanes. Because of his basketball IQ, Uriah can make great court decisions, if you get by him, he will get to the ball down the court. His greatest quality on the floor is that he is an unselfish player, he is always looking for the open man, if your open he'll find you, be ready for a quick pass from the inside or cross court, when he hits he can make the 6th man roar.

"Uriah Arellano is the spark for Espanola basketball." RG @kdce

"Uriah will sneak up behind you and take your game." Richard L. Garcia KDCE RADIO 9.50 AM @kdce

"Uriah Arellano came up big to open the fourth quarter, as he scored five straight points to give Española a 33-30 lead." @SFNMSPORTS

SG#10 for Espanola Valley High School - Class 5A District 2.
Head Coach Richard Martinez
Grade: Junior
Colors: Red - Gold
Mascot: SunDevil
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130

Team website : evsundevils.com
email: uriah@uriaharellano.com

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