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Uriah Arellano is a very tough player. A defensive stopper. On the court, he is always working to make a play. He’s a ball hawk waiting to step in, make the steal and use his speed to score. He can score from anywhere on the court but excels as a slasher type guard. He is an accurate passer, who displays above average court vision and awareness. Handles the ball very well, with good ability to dribble with his off hand. Defensively, he has the skills. footwork, and speed to stay with most guards. Understands the passing lanes and is quick to react, which leads to steals on the defensive end. Uriah is the type of player that brings all heart to the court. Wants to win! And brings passion and energy every time he steps on the court. Has leadership abilities, and is very coachable. Matt Martinez (Zam Sports)

"Uriah Arellano is a terror on defense and proved he can score..." George Morse- Rio Grande Sun sports staff writer 12/15

"Uriah's defense is at a whole other level." Coach Nestor Trujillo -Los Alamos

Uriah is a true lockdown defender, his prowess on defense leads to offensive opportunities for teammates. He’s a consistent leader when on the court, displaying an acquired rarity among athletes in being adept at outwitting opponents, interrupting their game, in a variety of ways; in steals, defensive blocks. He has proven this at Edward Medina Gymnasium and on the road. His basketball IQ is at the top; posesses court vision with the ability to see teammates, defenders, and anticipate future movement of the ball and players on the floor. He is coachable beyond High School. As a student athlete, his discipline,confidence,determination and self-motiviation is a rarity, a quality that cannot be substituted. To receive a schedule of upcoming games for the 2014-2015 season please send us a email:

"Uriah Arellano is the spark for Espanola basketball." RG @kdceradio.com (Sports Broadcaster)

"Uriah will sneak up behind you and take your game." Richard L. Garcia KDCE RADIO 9.50 AM @kdce

Uriah Arellano making a statement in 3 games that he is the go to man for the Sundevils,poured in 24 pts against Rio Rancho!! 2015 Via drummerboy505 NMpreps.com

SG#24 Espanola Valley High School - Class 5A District 2.
Head Coach: Richard Martinez
Grade: SR
Colors: Red - Gold
Mascot: SunDevils
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130

Team website : evsundevils.com

My Videos:
MAX PREPS Videos: maxpreps.com/athlete/uriah-arellano/LWKXwV0PEeOzMAAmVebBJg/videos.htm

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