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  1. nice movie. Which volume board do you use? we arrive in a week and I hesitate between KT76 and LS 84 for my 78kg !!
  2. https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:97453
  3. I still can't find my videos in hard enduro search. Question has to be asked. U sure shiney new comp. better? Can u put them in manually? Links: hard enduro (up the creek)55594526, hard enduro holey plains55325823
  4. Sorry about that, Christie. Searching for users should now be available again. Clip re-indexing has begun and you should slowly start to see some relevant results again. This process can take a few more days, but we thank you for your patience!
  5. This search issue is super inconvenient and has been an issue for over a week. I've switched all of my videos to youtube.