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Uros’s academic background is theatre. He studied in Prague, New York, France and in Slovenia. In Prague he has been given sessions on a puppet theatre and film at Film Academy, he’s been living in Prague recently.
Uros is fascinated by short grotesque theatre and film formats. He worked as a director in the leading broadcasting company in Czech Republic TV Nova for more than seven years. His work includes rebrandings, promo campaigns, indents, self-promotion spots and music clips.
In 2006, the biggest challenge in his professional life came as he got possibilities of rebrand the Czech Television - public television. This was first rebranding ever made after 50 years in a long history of Czech TV.
His enthusiastic work in Czech TV essentially changed the perception and the development of graphic design in the conservative and obsolete public TV institution as Czech TV was before.
Uros’s ability to work with different forms and perceptions results in various projects and activities, including publishing of theoretic books on drama and puppet directing in Slovenia and Spain as well as numerous victories of Promax Awards.
Uros is fluent in Slovenian, Czech, English, Serbian and Croat.

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