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"Ursotigre was born in the parallel univers of the bricklane tigers. Enjoy to knit with drumsticks, drawing with needles and painting with threads."

I grew up in the countryside and when I was a kid, I’d spend my free time kitting. Getting back to knitting had two intentions: occupy my spare time and have special sweaters.

Mass production provides cheap knitwear with no special characteristics. Even though it does so, the prices are inviting and everyone is okay with the idea of dressing alike, wich makes no sense at all, specially when everybody feels so different and special... The same paper to wrap all the presents? Really?…

URSOTIGRE fits (or can be custom made) those people: it’s just like cuddling; it’s special and unique and doesn’t reenact.

Each URSOTIGRE was born in my own two hands. And they’re made with love.

escrito pela Barrios

Ursotigre is a special creature discovered in a magical forest by Sónia Pessoa, a lisbon based multi talented artist and all time knitter. Inspired by this animal, half bear, half tiger, she created not only a brand of beautiful knitted clothes, but a platform where she and her friends can all join forces and experiment in their own fields of creativity. Some illustrate this bear tiger, others produce music for a unique video showcasing the clothing pieces, others are just big fans and wear them, or perform in them! There is space for everything, really! Sometimes, Ursotigre invites friends to answer questions about their favorite smell, music, and about the place where they feel like a child. And he also is a big fan of love letters… escrito pela Hello Walnut

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  1. Me encanta su proyecto,me encantan sus tejidos, saludos desde México ! : )