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Igor is a London-based dance artist and performance maker, pursuing an independent career as a performer and choreographer, and in collaboration with Moreno Solinas. Igor promised himself to quit dance forever at the age of 14, but instead at the age of 17 he moved to study to Madrid, where he combined an acting degree with his dance training at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Danza. In 2006 he moved to London to later in 2009 graduate from the London Contemporary Dance School.

As a dance artists Igor believes in making free-spirited work which can be thought-provoking and humorous at the same time. In 2009 he co-founded the award winning BLOOM! dance collective, whose work is currently touring internationally. Recently Igor has been invited to join WorkPlace, a community of artists supported by The Place (London) and he now continues to make and perform his work in a collaborative context.

Igor is also a founding member of Hiru Dance Org a group of six dance artists and advocates working together to produce and facilitate contemporary across its founders’ home countries: Basque Country, Sardinia and the UK – creating a cross-European network. In 2012 Hiru was listed as the 'future of dance' in Time Out London and was nominated for the 'H.Club 100' in a search for the most influential, innovative and interesting people in the creative and media industries.

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  • BLOOM! dance collective - Co-founder and member of BLOOM! dance collective
  • Hiru Dance Org - Hiru is a group of six international dance artists and advocates working together to produce and facilitate contemporary dance across Europe.


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