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I will like to say that I craft or surround myself with east coast artists and I do listen to those type of artists,but never craft my music from their style.Being in New York,or growing up there, I had to emulate the passion these artists put into their music,and the creativity that goes with it.The name{Pastor D.Wills} I possess is my artist name and not a minister title,and if you notice my style of music,it goes beyond the wall of my faith into the diver places in the world.I am a writer,producer,and architecture of my music.Whatever you hear from me is original and written by me. I DON'T LIKE TO BE COMPARE,SOUND LIKE OR REFLECT ANYONE BUT ME.My style of rap is not related to anyone in the music business,and I appreciate it a lot. I do appreciate artists that made a way for me to express myself. I feel that rap has given me that platform to deliver decent,Godly,social,political,drama and love. I WILL CLASSIFY MY WORK OF MUSIC AS MOTIVATIONAL and less VIOLENT.If you ask me, WHY? I will say ask 2Pac! Why was he political or lyrical radical? I think every artist has a place or source where their music is based upon. I happen to fall in the aisle where nobody motivated me,simply because I will out do them or some reasons. I like to learn but it has to be close to home{LIB},and when it isn't then I am less interested.I realize that it doesn't go well with too many people,and for that people assumed I am not teachable.I appreciate those individuals cause it allowed me to build up vocabulary,skills,music intelligence,and passion to motivate other as well as myself. My music is LIFE LESSON!!!

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