Chris Gilman

Westwood, MA

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I am a young film maker inspired by famous directors such as Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, and Martin Scorsese. I love action in videos and stunts. which is why I am also inspired by Freddie Wong: a Youtube Partner who makes action videos with amazing special effects, and that is what I hope to recreate.


  1. John O'Leary
  2. Danny Gavin
  3. Amy Doherty
  4. Asmani Adhav
  5. Ryan Lannum
  6. SWAGGZ Productions
  7. Anthony Luo
  8. Steven Kane
  9. Johnny Cooke
  10. WHS Video
  11. Jack Jardin
  12. Hub Freerunning
  13. Joe Martino
  14. Daelon Austin