Marcelo E Quinonez

Burbank California

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Composer and performer of everything from Latin Alternative music to a wide range of scores for film, television, commercials, and viral marketing campaigns. He is a diverse, young and multifaceted artist; possessing the uncanny ability to create powerful musical compositions that convey vivid emotions, and imagery.
Early in his career Marcelo found great success in the Latin Alternative music genre with his band Cuchata. Blending a variety of styles and sounds influenced by his Nicaraguan heritage and his passion for musical knowledge and culture. Cuchata’s last album charted in the top ten for Non-Commercial and College radio charts across The United States and Canada. Their music has been licensed for commercials, television shows, and feature films. Cuchata’s continued success and growth through musical experimentation led Marcelo to undertake a new challenge: a career in film and television music. With the birth of Canica Music, Marcelo has maintained numerous placements, with several upcoming feature and TV projects in the works. Marcelo is available for custom work for film, television, commercials, and video games and is available as a producer to fellow creative and motivated up and coming musical artists for recordings. Canica Music also keeps a constantly growing library of production music for sync licensing and source music. Marcelo Quinonez is a composer, songwriter, and producer with substantial success, and the drive and love for the art of music production that ensures a prosperous and enduring career in music.

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