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Born 2/6/47. Married since January 29, 1972. Retired from Maryland State Service Feb. 1, 2009. Besides my family, My main interest is wood carving. I started carving in 1981. I carved off and on until February 2009 when I retired and started carving again none stop since then. I LOVE retirement !!

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  1. I've seen this video before when Lynn first put it out and actually cut some bottles to use for some heads I carved. Well as time marched on I have accumulated about 20 more heads that have no bodies. I can't help it, I like carving heads. I…
  2. One of the things I enjoy about your videos Lynn is the background sounds, like the wind-chimes, birds, phone ringing, rain, traffic, etc and judy chiming in every once in awhile... :) It makes me feel as though I'm right there. It really gives…
  3. Hope Judy gets well soon. Please give her our best wishes.
  4. Lynn, Great job on this video. Also,there is no need to apologize for using the new format. I'm sure I speak for all who watch, when I say, we really appreciate what you do and the time and effort you use to help us all. Thank You. Ed