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  1. Love the customized tour functionality! As a Chicagoan, this would be great when I have friends in town, and we want to get out and explore. I've done the architecture boat tours, which are great, but they're hard to get tickets for, and how many…
  2. Great information! I agree with Will, I think you've stumbled upon a pretty frequent problem for our industry - push back from development teams on the need for UCD. It's nice to hear how the Sony team has figured out a workaround.
  3. I've seen a lot that not everyone follows a documented process. The waterfall process changes to an agile process when needed. This video was really interesting.
  4. This is a great presentation, Emily. It is kind of a let down that they only test friends and family due to budget constraints, but it's also kind of a cool model to think about if you have no other option, or if you need to save money as a start…