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  1. GREAT VIDEO !!! Is it fs100? What pp you used ? Did you use speedbooster ?
  2. Hi , It seems nex7 gives better video quality . What you think ?
  3. Czy po zmianie mocowania contaxy działają ze speed buster ?? Wiem że metabones oferuje teraz wersję C/Y - E , Ale pomyślałem żeby skorzystać z leitax i zmienić contaxy na mocowanie nikona i jak metabones wypuści speed buster z mocowaniem nikono
  4. I wish to see some shoot over 3200 iso . Any way nikon in 3200 seems to manage very good .. Daytime shoot wish to see as well . Thanks Andrew .
  5. Is autofocus 70-210 works with la-ea2 ?
  6. Hi great test ,but I wish to see how autofocus is working , how loudly is ? is it soft on f4 ?
  7. Great work . What music did you use ?
  8. darko commented on Jam Session
    Hi Can you compare 50 1.8 oss to Contax/Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.7 lens Which one is better ? OSS is relay effective ? Oss is worth to get over contax 50mm ? How is optic ? Tanks