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  1. And the spammers are back.
  2. Agreed Perrone! I mean about the degeneration of this forum. I check in on a daily basis but there is little worth reading. In fact I can't read a goodly proportion of it! Highly lamentable.
  3. I followed "Chris King" post and solved my problems. That's much helpful. I think I need to learn how to make full use of Google blog. Thank you Chris!
  4. Just try to convert MXF to MOV with a certain codec like ProRes for FCP, Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie. Here take the example how to convert MXF to FCP:
  5. While looking for solutions to Import Canon XF100 MXF to FCP/iMovie on iMac, I downloaded and tried several converters. Only Canon MXF Video Converter for Mac from Pavtube Studion works for me. I like the batch processing and joining of multiple…
  6. Meaning you have to click each video file you have, from let's say a day's filming, open them one by one to change the audio stream ID? Wow! Not a good solution....
  7. For users who need to convert their MXF files (from Cannon/Panasonic P2/Sony camcorders) to Apple ProRes codec for editing in Final Cut Pro (6 and above) or Final Cut Pro X, the program recommended is Aunsoft TransMXF for Mac or Aunsoft Video Converter…