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Raven 6 Studios, run by producer/owner Jason Miller, has 17 years of television production experience traveling the world producing documentaries, television programming, commercials, music videos and professional photography/cinematography in the television industry. Having won network production awards on ESPN, Sportsman's Channel, VERSUS, and Outdoor Channel....Jason's work can be seen around the world and reaches millions of viewers on Discovery, National Geographic, TLC, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman's Channel, Pursuit, NBC and A&E.

-A&E's Investigative Reports
-National Geographic's Big Fish
-Discovery Channel's Ocean Impact
-TLC's The Royal Wedding
-Bass Pro Shop's Outdoor World
-ESPN's Whitetail Country
-ESPN's Advantage Adventures
-ESPN's Pro Hunter's Journal
-ESPN's Strategies in the Wild
-ESPN's Territories Wild
-ESPN's B.A.S.S Classic
-ESPN's The Great Outdoor Games
-ESPN's The Super Retriever Series
-ESPN's Realtree Outdoors
-NBC's The Camo Life
-NBC's Wild-Lifer's (Winner of 30 Telly Awards for Best Show Open, Cinematography, Editing, Story Writing, Use of Graphics)
-Outdoor Channel's Whitetail Freaks (Golden Moose Award Winning Best Overall Production, Fan Favorite Best New Series, Best Blooper)
-Outdoor Channel's Gettin' Close (Golden Moose Award Winning Best Freshwater Footage)
-Outdoor Channel's The Crush (Golden Moose Award for Fan Favorite, Nikon Monarch Award)
-Outdoor Channel's Beyond the Lodge (wildlife stock footage)
-Outdoor Channel's Beyond the Hunt with Rick and Julie Krueter (Golden Moose Award for Best Conservation)
-Outdoor Channel's In Pursuit "Hunting at it's best" with your host Jason Miller
-Outdoor Channel's In Pursuit "Hunting at it's best" with your host Scott Liles (Award Winning Best Storytelling)
-Sportsman Channel's Trailing the Hunter's Moon
-Sportsman Channel Wild-Lifer's
-VERSUS Beretta's Waterfowler's Edge
-VERSUS Escape to the Wild
-VERSUS Whitetail Revolutions
-VERSUS The Buck Stops Here
-VERSUS Bucks of Tecomate
-NWTF's Turkey Call
-NWTF's Outdoor 360
-Outdoor Channel's Thompson/Center Arm's Game Trails
-Outdoor Channel's Hunt Master's (Golden Moose Award winner for Best Sound Design)
-Outdoor Channel's World Class Bow Hunting
-Cabela's Outdoors
-Cabela's Ultimate Adventures
-OLN's Cumberland Stories
-OLN's Water Dog
-OLN's Outdoor Excursions
-OLN's Whitetail Adventures
-Realtree Outdoor's Monster Buck Series
-Realtree Outdoor's Monster Elk Series
-Good Will corporate Campaign

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