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ROOM 100 is experimental performing company from Split, Croatia, established by Antonia Kuzmanić and Jakov Labrović in 2010.

C8H11NO2, the first show by ROOM 100, stunned the jury of the “Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2010” project, earning the young Croatian company an award and the highest score in the ten year long project's history. The critics praised C8H11NO2 as an “exceptional example of an intelligent, accurate, deliberate and intensive work”.
C8H11NO2 premiered in Paris in September 2011 and has since been performed at performing arts, contemporary dance and contemporary circus festivals in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Lithuania, Croatia…

In June 2012, ROOM 100 started working on their second production "Seed" - an exploration merging butoh and break dance techniques while reflecting dark atmosphere of war times and state of people infected by the tragedies of the war...

In 2013 solo performance "split", directed and performed by Jakov Labrović, get nominated for international award and exhibition "7th Arte Laguna Prize" taking place in Venice.. "split" was a starting point for whole production of "C8H11NO2"...

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