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Rome, Italy

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Formerly an astrophysicist, Giuliana Conforto taught classical and quantum mechanics. Deeply involved with Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), she has applied the ancient ART of MEMORY, and so has become able to remember humans' origins, "see" within and listen to the "only Force, which links and gives life to infinite worlds" to which Bruno and manyother sages had sung praises. She's proposing an anthropic and astronomical revolution, centered on the main FORCE, Universal LIFE, that is changing the entire solar system and amplifying humans' perception. It is the same FORCE that physicists have discovered and hidden under a false name: Electroweak Force. They cannot realize it is Universal LIFE, because the scientific method uses means, which cannot feel emotions and love, the key expressions of LIFE. Joining her inner work with facts, scientific discoveries that media do not diffuse, Giuliana Conforto has realized the huge deception of the official "knowledge", which ignores the meaning of LIFE and strongly links human emotions to fear. Neglecting the light side of the FORCE - the weak nuclear field - both sciences and religions pretend to ignore that infinite universes do exist and unveil the each human being's immortality. She is re-proposing the Art of Memory a new/ancient way of knowing that makes humans able to use the free energy of their own brain: consciousness, each one's instant, direct communion with Life and the Source of Life: the Earth's Crystalline Core.

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