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  1. hate5six

    hate5six Plus Philadelphia, PA


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    Documenting live music//bypassing commercialization. Please visit my site for more information. Live music and BMX: hate5six.com Weddings: love5six.com

  2. Love Drunk

    Love Drunk Plus Omaha, NE


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    Love Drunk is a mobile audio/video recording studio in Omaha, Neb. Love Drunk shoots live, one-take music videos of Nebraska artists and artists touring through Nebraska. We completed 2-week tours of the eastern part of the United States in 2011 and 2012. What you see and what you hear is happening…

  3. Hear Nebraska

    Hear Nebraska Plus Nebraska


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    Hear Nebraska is homegrown, nonprofit media that cultivates the state's vibrant, fertile music community. We produce and share high-quality, multi-camera videos featuring musicians from Nebraska and our extended HN family.

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