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  1. Bare Conductive

    Bare Conductive PRO London


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    Bare Conductive makes creative electronic tools for any designer, engineer or aspiring maker. Electric Paint is an electrically conductive paint that makes it possible to draw a circuit, cold solder a component or turn any surface into a sensor. The Touch Board is a piece of hardware that can transform…

  2. In The Crosshairs

    In The Crosshairs PRO Washington, D.C.


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    For more CXHairs action check out www.cxhairs.com and http://cxhairs.tumblr.com/. Follow on Twitter @CXHairs. And if you want, help support the cause and buy some kickin' gear: http://www.crosshairscycling.com/shop/


    ERTZUI PRO Leipzig, Germany


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    ERTZUI Filmmakers & photographers from Leipzig.

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