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In a moment of deep frustration and intense seeking, I came across an article written by my mentor recollecting his conversation with Cornell Capa. My mentor said, Robert’s spirit can be described in following words – “what makes a first class photographer? It is the love of people. What makes for moving photos? It is the courage to take a step forward”. This transformed the philosophy of my filmmaking and photography. It has been a clear mirror in which I see, without distortion, if my heart was clean or not. My intense desire to be a contributor in humanity’s joint project of building a beautiful future spontaneously made me chase subjects, which I was convinced, needed to be given expression free from all prejudice and burden of past. It turned out that I became a documentary filmmaker and photographer by default. I still don’t wish to call myself a filmmaker or a photographer; for in my heart I am working as a servant to the global community and these art-forms - filmamaking and photography - happen to be an effective tool almost always.


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