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Triple Seven is the newest brand on the paragliding scene, founded by Aljaž and Urban Valič and partners from Slovenia. Brothers are recognizable for their competition results and the construction of competition paragliders in various companies, for which Aljaž and Urban have worked in the past.

Together with company partners we decided to produce highly efficient, quality and technologically innovative gliders of all types and classes by ourselves. With years of competition gliders experience, we are striving to develop state of the art paragliders, with optimum compromise on safety and performance.

In this year company evolution, EN B class is being developed with glider Rook. R&D is also in progress on EN D class competition paraglider, named King. After this projects we will dedicate ourselves to other glider classes. We pride ourselves with openly sharing our knowledge, amongst ourselves and pilots community.

We just want to build gliders! Your success is our inspiration, our goal is Your success.

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