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Savannah, Georgia

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Photographer and Filmmaker, Shelly Short has always followed her heart. Staying true to herself she has chosen a path that will bring her the greatest joy.

Shelly is an award-winning artist with a B.F.A. in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and has over 15 years of photography and marketing experience beyond the classroom. Her love of the visual arts inspired her to continue her education and she was accepted into the graduate program at SCAD. She is finishing her M.F.A. in Film and Television.

Shelly has focused on developing her skills in cinematography, writing and directing. She believes that knowledge of these three aspects of film-making assist in conveying the story in the best way possible. Shelly draws from her life and the lessons she's learned to create a body of work that encompasses an idea of personal identity and the layers, symbols and traditions that make up who we are.

She has worked on solo projects but most recently on collaborative film projects ranging from experimental video to traditional narrative. She thrives on the exchange of ideas and admires the effects on the final vision resulting from this collaboration.

Shelly shares her passion for film-making with her husband, Neil Short. A true love story, Shelly and Neil met by chance in a small beach town and developed a friendship and love for each other that has lasted over 17 years. After many years of corporate work, they made the decision to follow their passions and continue to do so as a team.

Reel Tradition served as Shelly’s thesis film for her M.F.A. She developed and wrote the story pulling from her days fishing with her father in Northwest Florida as inspiration. The characters and situation are born from people she loves and personal experiences. The lake featured in the film is her most favorite site in Northwest Florida.


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