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Julia Krynke is an actress and classically trained musician from Opole, Poland. In addition to a Master’s degree in Acting from the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts in Wroclaw, she has studied acting at the Academy for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice. She also has a high level of proficiency in flute and piano, having studied at Opole Music School for 11 years. Julia is fluent in English and Polish; has a high level of German and; working knowledge of Spanish and Russian.

Having always been fascinated by improvisation methods and the Michael Chekhov acting technique, Julia moved to the UK in 2008 to deepen her knowledge at the Michael Chekhov Studio in London.

Julia has worked extensively in film, television and theatre in Poland, Germany, Ireland, and the UK. Her most notable film roles include the young female lead Beata in the film ‘Distant Lights’, directed by Hans-Christian Schmid (Germany, 2003). In addition to winning the FIPRESCI prize, ‘Distant Lights’ was nominated for the Golden Bear at The Berlin Film Festival. Julia also played Maryam in the Iranian film ‘Die of Love’, directed by Bijan Birang, a role for which she learnt to speak Persian. She took one of the lead roles, Agnieszka, in the German feature-length television drama ‘Der Pfarrer und das Mädchen’ (ZDF), directed by Maris Pfeiffer and set to air in winter 2014. Julia has starred as Laura in ‘Undocument’, a four-part feature by Kyla Simone Bruce and Amin Bakhshian.

Television appearances include the role of Olenka in the Bafta award-winning BBC drama series ‘The Street’, written by Jimmy McGovern and directed by David Blair; Bibi Saparova in season 8 of ‘Spooks’ by Alrick Riley; Olga Sarpei in the ZDF series ‘Soko Leipzig’ by Maris Pfeiffer; Mela in the RTE series ‘The English Class’, directed by Phillip Kampff and Declan Jones; Danuta in the RTE series ‘Trivia’ by Tom Hall; Ania Green in the BBC series ‘Holby City’ by Reza Moradi; Ania in a Christmas episode of ‘Casualty’ (BBC); Mira Ziemska in the Polish TV Series ‘Lekarze’ by Marcin Wrona and Milena Kintrup in a German-Austrian-Swiss film series ‘Tatort Münster: Das Wunder von Wolbeck’, directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher.

Julia continues to collaborate with many independent filmmakers in Germany and in the UK, including Nick Cohen, Gillian Pachter, Esther Richardson and Massimo Salvato. She starred in Jessica Townsend’s comedy ‘ Humane Resources’ (Best Short, London Film Festival, 2010) and Saschko Frey’s thriller ‘Echos’ (Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau Kurzfilmpreis,2009)

In 2015, she will appear in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, a feature film directed by Joss Whedon and produced by Marvel Studios (USA). Julia has just finished filming the ITV drama series ‘DCI Banks’, directed by David Richards and produced by Left Bank Pictures (UK), in which she plays the role of Katrin.

After four years of acting full-time in Polish state theatres in Warsaw, Lodz, Poznan and Lublin, Julia made her foreign debut on the Irish stage as Monica in ‘The Townlands of Brazil’, a critically-acclaimed play written by Dermot Bolger, directed by Ray Yeates, and performed at the Axis Theatre in Dublin (2006-2007).

Julia has won many awards, including the Best Actor Award, Audience Award and Critics Award for the role of Gileta in the play ‘The Topsy-Turvy Princess’ by Calderon de la Barca, directed by Remigiusz Brzyk; and Second Prize in the Ogolnopolski Przeglad Piosenki Aktorskiej in Zamosc (a Polish singing contest for actors).

Outside of acting, Julia’s interests include yoga, meditation techniques, lithotherapy, environmental sustainability and ecology.


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