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  1. At first we check out this cool cannon footage that you took. We were hooked. We were especially amazed at the size of the pistol and that musket/cannon weapon. Damn! Then we saw the Chad Thunberg flamethrower footage and we thought, ok there's…
  2. Wayne Maker commented on RUIN
    Well guys we were freaking FLOORED when we saw this short. I mean this movie is right up there with Avatar, maybe even better. The scene where the camera flies down to the road and follows the rider as he/she dodges the rocks just made me gasp.…
  3. Your work is not going unnoticed... Keep up the good work! We all look forward to seeing more. DON'T STOP!!!!
  4. Justin/harrison, Would you email us when its up? We'll post it on our site. gridviper.com...
  5. Pure genius, The hole allows the air to get in and the vacuum that holds the soup is eliminated. This tip is so simple. Wes, we have posted this on GridViper. Below is the link. Thanks for the cool tip! http://gridviper.com/uncategorized/how-to-get-a
  6. terry.. yes sir greed has a lot to do with it now.. but... the desire of eating shark fin in China originated from some king in the old days. The Chinese think shark fin soup is prestigious because some feudal king back in the old days ate it. …
  7. Quick ! Somebody tell the Polish Ambasador about this! I'm sure he'll want to use it for his next music video. This is a simple and cool video effect.
  8. Folks I used to think Gordon Ramsay was a prick. But now he has my utmost respect. The reason why is because he's went to China and scooped this story in a big way. This cultural trend is an absolute atrocity. IT MUST BE STOPPED. Below is…