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I like the people with positive energy, man of ideas, people who know how to express their feelings and their souls 2 other people.
I like the people with the young ideas, too.
The good pople:)))
About dislikes..I don`t know.I can`t say that I dislike something or somebody...Everybody has one`s own view of this life, one`s own interests, impressions and feelings! :)

I love people who know how to hug right, people that INSPIRE me, smoking indoors, road trips, eating dinners on my roof, eye contact, slow dancing, people who tackle me and tickle me and pick me u and swing me, epic moments expressed trough music phone messages, OLD FASHIONED, romantic gestures, random acts of kindness, being a starving ARTIST.... love martini at 5 PM, colors, darling, self-expressions........

And I love you pretty baby but I awlays take the long way hoome ! :)


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